The creator of this site, Dean Lollis, has extensive appearance in journalism, writing, coding and teaching. He loves to hear great stories related to athletes and sports.


Thank you for visiting my page. ReigniteTeaching is a way for me to share some inspiration stories about sports. I started to write these stories as part of another website I created — reignitemystory.com.

If you have questions or would like to submit a story, please visit the contact page and let me know. Or, you may reach me by email at reignitemystory@gmail.com.

Why am I interested in writing?

Past careers: One of my first jobs, even before graduating college, was working as a freelance writer for a newspaper. Following college, I worked for 10 years in journalism and another 3 in public relations and marketing.

Baseball writing: I created a baseball history website after college and eventually sold it. The site focused on South Carolina players but did include a broad range of baseball information.

Story telling: I love being able to share stories. This site gives me the chance to share those stories.